I am an ocean

The sea is vast and full of wonders, Wonders of which conclude nothing about its greatness but only deepen its aura that attracts the wrath of exploration. The sea is a definite explanation for the human soul. For what we are, what we become, Children grow up with minds of their own, thoughts and desires. They learn to play and eat and sleep. They learn to run, and then they run as far as they can for as long as they can. We are told to be creatures of habit and maybe that is so. Maybe we are more habit than exploration physically. But our souls long for something more than just another day another meal. Like the sea our soul never stops moving. Those waves hit the beach with a crash and recede right back into position. Ready for the next. As the ocean we sometimes falter. But we often find ourselves right back home on our shore.

And my shore is you.


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